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02 September 2014

Microsoft Lync

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Microsoft Lync is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. Lync connects people everywhere, on Windows 8 and other devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience. Lync provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience. Lync 2013 users can connect to anyone on Skype, enabling rich communication with hundreds of millions of people around the world.

As a Certified GOLD Communications Partner with Microsoft, CommLogik's goal is to assist business partners to enhance the Lync customer experience by elevating the value of our business partners. We accomplish this by bridging the gap between existing UC competencies, skill-sets and Lync supplier relationships.

A unique approach to delivering Lync through partners.

At CommLogik, we recognize that delivering Lync solutions is not simple, as it is the first Microsoft platform that depends on 3rd Party elements for successful deployments. As a result, there exists a degree of complexity required to integrate UC components and guarantee interoperability.

CommLogik has the expertise, skill-sets and experience in all of the fundamental Lync delivery elements necessary for a Lync deployment. Whether it's the integration with legacy PBX's, deploying a gateway to integrate networks, incorporating relevant contact center functionalities, integrating videoconferencing capabilities or managing the use of endpoints, CommLogik can support any Lync deployment. 

Additionally, CommLogik has direct relationships with the majority of Microsoft Lync certified interoperability partners, delivering our reseller partners peace of mind when integrating Lync solutions in their customer's infrastructures.

CommLogik's Lync Strategy | A unique approach to delivering Lync through partners

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With dozens of successful Lync deployments throughout the region, CommLogik has demonstrated that it can deliver Lync through partners in various infrastructures and communications environments. To date, we have delivered Lync solutions from 100 to 20,000 seats. Our Lync strategy is simple: we accelerate time-to-market and channel enablement for Lync in LATAM by: 

  • Collaborating with Microsoft and its  partner   community to  maximize the potential for Lync market opportunities
  • Leveraging our expertise in UC technology practices to complement and/or enhance the value of Lync deployments
  • Developing strategic alliances with Microsoft UC interoperability technology partners
  • Facilitating the architecture, integration, delivery and support for Lync UC solutions through Microsoft      business partners

At CommLogik, we realize that most Microsoft Partners' business models focus on application-centric consultancy and Professional Services, where Communications expertise is typically limited. As such, we augment our partners' capabilities and eliminate the challenges in delivering successful pilots -vs- Cisco and Avaya, etc.

Since, current supply chains for Lync devices and appliances are disparate and fragmented, CommLogik serves as a centralized resource to procure, configure, integrate and provide post-sales support for Lync deployments. 

Reseller Partners no longer need to be unsure of how to increase profitability of Lync sales. With CommLogik, we help put all the pieces together for your Lync business needs.

Microsoft Open Interoperability Program | Complementary products qualified for Lync


CommLogik has partnered with many of the manufacturers that participate in the Open Interoperability Program including; AudioCodes, LifeSize, PolyCom, Sonus/NET, Vidyo, Dialogic, SNOM to name a few. This provides our Reseller Partners with the confidence they need to manage their Lync initiatives.

The qualification program for SIP/PSTN Gateways, IP-PBXs and SIP Trunking Services ensures that customers have seamless experiences with setup, support, and use of qualified telephony infrastructure and services with Microsoft's unified communications software and Microsoft Office Communications Online (BPOS-Dedicated).

Only products that meet rigorous and extensive testing requirements and conform to the specifications and test plans will receive qualification.

While the specifications are based on industry standards, this program also defines:

  • Specific requirements for interoperability with Office Communications Server & Exchange Server Voice Mail
  • Specific requirements for interoperability with Office Communications Online Services for SIP Trunking Service Providers
  • Testing requirements for qualifying interoperability with Office Communications Server & Exchange Server Voice Mail
  • Installation, set-up and configuration requirements via a Quick Start Guide
  • Release Notes with any known issues
  • Documented support process between Microsoft and the vendor
  • Enterprise-class standards for audio quality, reliability, and scalability

The scope of the qualification is for environments where either Office Communications Server or Exchange Server Voice Mail utilizes a SIP/PSTN Gateway, IP-PBX or SIP Trunking Service for communication with the PSTN. Additionally, qualification is available for Microsoft Office Communications Online Service environments utilizing Office Communications Server with Exchange Online Unified Messaging.

The testing focus of the program is designed to ensure that vendors providing interoperability with Microsoft unified communications solutions do so in a consistent and supportable manner, including SIP and signaling support used with the Mediation Server role of Office Communications Server and the Voice Mail role of Exchange Server.

To find out more about how Microsoft recognizes the expertise and impact of partners in the technology marketplace, visit the Microsoft Partner Program site.

CommLogik Value Proposition | Delivering UC Expertise Through Partners

CommLogik is a value-added distributor of Unified Communications (UC) solutions and related services with a focus on the Americas. Founded in 1999, the company enhances its partners’ abilities to integrate UC components and optimize business communications for their customers. We achieve this through our expertise in UC disciplines and by providing our technology and business partners with exceptional commercial, technical/engineering and financial support to accelerate business growth.

Technology Practices | Expertise in UC Disciplines

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